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Computer Power Supply Buying and Maintenance Tips

eztalks | 09 September, 2019 04:19

Most people get it wrong when buying a Computer Power Supply unit. On the same not, some people get it wrong when it comes to maintaining and caring for their power supplies. Actually, most power supplies don’t last long because they are of poor quality and because they are not well maintained.


54Y8870 PCB038 180W For Lenovo Thinkcentre E73 H530 AcBel Power Supply

Here, we have given you some of the best buying and maintenance tips to ensure that you have the best quality power supply and that you are getting the best out of it. Check them out!

  • Always invest in a high-quality Desktop Computer Power Supply. When looking for a power supply unit, you should do a thorough research before purchasing one. A good quality unit should provide you will sufficient wattage for all your needs. Contrary to what many people believe, more wattage on the package does not always mean better. If you buy a low quality power supply that fails, it can cause damage to various components of the computer.
  • Avoid trying to open your power supply unit to experiment with its parts or to repair it if you are not well conversant with working with the high voltage circuits. Computer power supplies, including HP Power Supply and Lenovo Power Supply contain capacitors that can potentially hold dangerous charges especially for a few minutes. You should always hire an expert to check your power supply in case of any problem.
  • Replace your power supply as soon as possible if you are convinced that it is dying. A high-pitched grinding or whining noise is a clear indication that the power supply is dying. Do not wait until your power supply dies. This is because the failure of a power supply unit can potentially cause a number of voltage problems that can ruin your hard drive, motherboard, and other components.
  • Do not use a 20+4 motherboard connector on Dell Computers and HP computers because you might buy a Dell Power Supply or a HP power Supply that is designed to utilize an odd connector.
  • If you find it difficult to remove a CD/DVD drive or hard drive power connectors, avoid pulling on it very hard. Otherwise, it might come out suddenly and you might cut your hand on the sharp edges. Just wiggle gentle while you pull it out.

If you are looking to buy quality power supply, look no further than 365PowerSupply.com. This is the best site for the best power supplies.


How to Tell if a Power Supply Provides Inadequate Power to your PC

eztalks | 09 September, 2019 04:18

Your Computer Power Supply unit is that brick-shaped object that is inside your computer. It supplies power to all the components of the computer. It is actually where you usually plug in and then turn on your computer. Besides, it is also where your computer’s main fan is found.

There are subtle signs that your computer will give you if your power supply is failing and is providing inadequate power. Whenever you see or experience any problem, you should diagnose to find out whether the power supply unit is inadequate.


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When your power supply provides inadequate power to your PC, it means that the wattage rating is not enough to power all the computer components or a good video card. There are simple ways of knowing that the power supply doesn’t provide enough power to the computer.

Computer keeps on rebooting

If your computer has a tendency to reboot without any warning, it could mean that you have a bad power supply and your computer is not getting enough power from it. If your computer is working correctly, it should stay on or shut down or hibernate depending your own specific settings. A computer should reboot if Windows installs any software update but it should not reboot without any reason or warning. If that happens, then it is most likely not receiving adequate power.

The wattage rating

Every desktop Power Supply and laptop power supply such as HP Power Supply has a wattage power rating. If the wattage power rating of the power supply is lower than the wattage requirements of your computer, this is a clear sign that the power supply cannot provide adequate power to your computer. So, if you have a Lenovo computer that uses a Lenovo Power Supply with wattage rating that is less than the wattage requirements of your computer, you should buy the right Lenovo Power Supply right away. You can browse 365PowerSupply.com for quality power supplies.

You are not able to run graphics-intensive games

If you have an adequate video card but you still cannot run graphics-intensive games and applications, it could be an indication that your power supply provides inadequate power to your computer.

If you have Dell or Lenovo computer and you experience any of these signs, you should know that it’s time to upgrade with new Dell Power Supply or Lenovo Power Supply. The same applies to desktop computers. Be sure to upgrade with the Desktop Power Supply with enough wattage rating depending on wattage requirements of your PC.


How Big of a Computer Power Supply should you buy?

eztalks | 09 September, 2019 04:17

When determining how big of a Computer Power Supply you need to buy for your computer, there are a number of factors you should consider. These factors are what will dictate how big of a power supply unit your computer needs. They include your computer’s wattage requirements, the style of the particular power supply, and the computer case size.


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The shape of the power supply unit and the computer case

Power supplies typically come in a range of sizes, as do computer cases. While some computer cases can comfortably accommodate any full-size power supply unit, some cases require more specific, smaller size such as those that are mostly found in brand name desktops or laptops. Proprietary style computer power supplies like those that are found in computers that are manufactured by Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc., are not always compatible with other computers. So, if you have an HP computer, you will have to look for a HP Power Supply and if you have a Dell, computer, you will have to buy a Dell Power Supply. On the same note, Lenovo computer can only accommodate Lenovo Power Supply.

So, in case you are looking to replace a power supply especially in an existing computer, it is advisable that you open the case and see what size and shape of the existing power supply is used so that you can buy the same that will fit in.

Wattage requirements

Your computer wattage requirements will determine how big of computer a power supply you should buy. Different desktop and laptop hardware combinations often have varying wattage requirements in order to operate properly. For instance, if you are going to a dedicated graphics processing unit from an onboard graphics, you might need a new computer power supply. The systems with a more powerful video card will use relatively more electricity as compared to mid-range cards.

In a computer that is used for word processing, internet surfing, and e-mail a 300 W computer power supply is just adequate. However, the systems with multiple video cards or high-end video cards usually require at least 500W computer power supply. You can always search online to find exact wattage requirements for every type of GPU (graphics processing units).

For any kind of laptop and Desktop Power Supply, you should check out 365PowerSupply.com. If you have a computer that requires more wattage than what your current power supply provides, you should consider replacing it with a higher wattage power supply.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Power Supply

eztalks | 09 September, 2019 04:16

The Computer Power Supply is one of the most important components of a PC. When it comes to buying a power supply for a PC, you might be tempted to purchase just any power supply from any retail shop. But that is not a good idea. You should buy a Desktop Power Supply, or a laptop power supply that provide clean or reliable power. Otherwise, you might end up facing many issues including instability. Actually, a failing power supply can usually cause a number of problems including random freezes and resets.


611481-001 613762-001 240W For HP Compaq 8000 8100 6000 SFF Power Supply

So, how do you ensure that you are buying the best power supply? Well, you should always consider the following factors.

  1.  Protection

Before buying a power supply, you should ensure that it has an in-built protection that will help in keeping its components safe especially from power related issues. The first is overcurrent and overload protection. These are simply the circuits which protect both the computer and Computer Power Supply unit by simply shutting down the power supply unit whenever there is exclusive power load or current detected. Another one is the overvoltage protection that refers to a mechanism or circuit that usually shut down the computer power supply unit whenever there is an excess voltage limit. At 365PowerSupply.com, we sell power supply units with built-in protections.

  1. Form factor

You need to be sure that your power supply will fit. So, always choose a form factor that you know is going to physically fit perfectly into your case.

  1. How much power output do you need?

One of the main factors you should always consider when purchasing a power supply unit is the amount of power output you need. That way, you will be able to pick a power supply that can supply the amount of the needed power output. For instance, if you are buying a HP Power Supply, you should know the components of your laptop and the amount of watts it needs for all the components to run efficiently.

  1. Anticipated upgrade

You should always consider your future needs and anticipated upgrades before you pick a power supply unit. For instance, if you intend to double the RAM of your Dell, then you should buy a Dell Power Supply that will be able to provide enough watts. You should use the same principle when buying Lenovo Power Supply or a power supply for any other laptop or desktop.


How to choose a 100% natural diet for your dog?

eztalks | 02 April, 2018 04:20

It is already a truth that for all of us / as we have dogs / as nutrition is one of the fundamental priorities and that a good decision in this area can make your joint happiness greater and more lasting.

Another issue is knowing how to choose your main food since the volume of information (and disinformation) is overwhelming, although it is true that most want your friend's nutrition to be as natural as possible.

Natural is a word that gives rise to many interpretations as we see more and more products adding to their packages, names and advertising, so we wopet want to help you identify 100% natural products giving you a few clues.


What is a natural food?
Without pretending to sit chair, we can consider a natural food both for its composition, that is, without artificial additives, as for its state, that is, that it has gone through the least possible processing. In this way, a product that contains natural ingredients will not be the same as those that advertise being 100% natural. Also, we could think that a product that goes through a process that alters its properties as the heated, would be less natural than a product that does not suffer any alteration.

It is necessary to distinguish between a natural product and an ecological product. Ecological goes a step further by ensuring that raw materials have not been exposed to chemical agents (neither in their growth nor in their process phase) to which non-organic products are exposed. Notice that we are not talking about zero exposure.

How can I be sure that a food is 100% natural?
The regulation of feeding for pets, as well as feeding for humans, is not as transparent as we would like, but it does allow us, through labeling, to obtain interesting clues:

Recognizable ingredients: in the product, be it a feed, a can or fresh food, the ingredients and their components should be clearly described and be recognizable as natural.
Clearly chemical ingredients: little to say, if the food label, in some of its parts, names elements that you do not know what they are, it is not a good sign.
Nutritional additives: this entry in the formulation is clearly indicative of artificial additives
Clarification of origin: sometimes, certain additives do have natural origin, but then it must be indicated as such, for example, vitamin E when it is tocopherol.
Finally, if the label does not clarify it, in the era of communication there is nothing better than a telephone call. Any brand that wants and knows how to confirm those doubts on the phone could be a good candidate as the best option for your hairy.

If what you want is 100% real ... there is a way!
As with people, often the best way to know that something is 100% natural is ... to do it ourselves!

If we talk about natural foods that are also not processed (even heated) an option that may seem interesting are raw diets. It is basically to choose the ingredients between meats, vegetables, fruits and other elements, make a mixture according to some basic instructions and give them raw to your dog.
There is a lot of information for and against these diets, but the truth is that there are more and more people who practice them and recommend them in blogs and Facebook groups. What is extremely important is that they are complete and balanced, that is, that they have the variety and basic ingredients so that no nutrient is lacking.

What are the different types of raw diet?
Although there are several theories about how to prepare a complete raw diet, these are the most common:

BARF diet: its foundation is that dogs are opportunistic and often complement the meat with other things they can eat, such as vegetables and fruits. Therefore, its composition is as follows:
60 to 80% of meat, of which:
10-20% are viscera (with at least half of liver)
10% is pure bone (raw)
70% -80% is muscle meat (with 15-20% fat)
20-40% of vegetables and fruits of which:
70% are vegetables
30% are fruits
Nutritional supplements. To complete with the nutrients that are not in the meat and vegetables, it is always interesting to include a good source of omega3 acids such as fish oil or phytoplankton as well as a source of B vitamins, such as algae.
Prey model or model Dam: is based on emulating as much as possible the food that a dog would eat in freedom being a carnivore. Thus, people who follow this model tend to buy whole pieces, with their organs, skin and hair and give it raw. Some people approach this model by proportions, but its composition is mainly meat, organs and bone, with very little plant material.
To ensure that the food is complete, it is always important to ensure the variety of ingredients and, if you can, that you are based on what is written on the subject.

Where do I begin?
Currently there is a lot of literature about raw diets both on the internet and on social networks, including specific groups that share recipes, trends, information on where to get ingredients, as well as the latest studies, etc.

In addition, they will help you to organize yourself so that you invest the just and necessary time to make large batches that then freeze and take off little by little.

What happens if I do not have time or I do not dare to create my own diets?
Fortunately, there are already some commercial brands that sell mixed products with the right proportions and ready to serve. Just inform yourself, read their labels to make sure they are 100% natural products and, why not, call them to explain what you are buying.

At the end of the day, what is your little one going to eat every day and they are what we care about the most, yes?

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Dogs Feeders

eztalks | 02 April, 2018 04:18

The day-to-day bustle makes us more distracted than usual. That if work, home, food, children ..., everything becomes a real lack of control. That is why many people choose to place automatic feeders for dogs since we all want our best four-legged friends to feed correctly. The automatic feeders facilitate the task day by day.

In addition to choosing a quality feed that suits your size, your age and your physical activity, it is also important to choose the right feeder. We have said that automatic dog feeders help keep dogs healthy and well fed, but they also have their disadvantages, not everything will be advantages.

Advantages of automatic dog feeders

The automatic feeders are very practical because you just have to fill them and program them so that the dog can eat when his time comes, even if we are not at home at those times, which usually happens during work time. But that is not the only advantage we can find in these feeders. Let's see them all.

You control the exact amount your dog eats
One of the great advantages of having an automatic feeder is that it is perfectly controlled the amount of feed that the dog eats. At the time of programming you will have to put how much you want to leave, so you will know what your pet eats.

It is true that this can also be controlled thinking about the feed, but, like it or not, we often go in a hurry and take it by eye, which is not advisable. The dog should eat the amount indicated by the veterinarian, no more, no less.


The food is kept fresh and free of contaminants
If we leave the food outdoors it is vented, that is, it gives it air. This causes several disadvantages:

1,The first is that the feed becomes soft and the dogs will no longer want it to have a very different texture and flavor.
2,The second drawback is that it can be contaminated by being in contact with the air. Insects and other bugs can leave in the animal's food excrements and even eggs, which is not healthy for the dog.
3,The third and last drawback, which is related to the previous ones, is that the dog can get sick by eating food in poor condition.

Binge eating is avoided
The automatic feeders for dogs have a button that makes the food come out, a button that even the dogs themselves can press. The simple fact of having the food always at your disposal means that dogs do not have the need to eat everything that is put in the feeding trough, that is, they tend to avoid binge eating that is so bad for them.

Also, by having to activate them themselves, in some cases, of course, they are mentally stimulated. This stimulation makes your mind work much faster and agile.

Disadvantages of automatic dog feeders

Obviously not everything was going to be advantages. Having an automatic dog feeder also has the odd disadvantage that we must know first hand to decide if we want it for our dogs or not.

It is more expensive
The automatic feeder has a higher price than the conventional feeder. This is because the automatic carries a system of advanced technology that the conventional does not need to not be an automatic food dispenser. This extra makes the price to pay more expensive.

You have to be aware of the battery
Unlike conventional feeders, automatic dog feeders work with a rechargeable battery or batteries. What does this mean? That we have to be attentive to the charge that the battery has so that the furry four-legged does not run out of food. If we are at home, there is no problem, since we can solve it at the moment, but if we have left we will not be able to do it, so the dog will run out of feed.


They are more likely to break down
Obviously, a conventional feeder will not suffer any type of damage because we are the ones who have to fill the bowl. On the other hand, the automatic feeder can break down, which means that we will have to change it for another one or look for the solution to the fault that has been generated.

In this situation it happens as in the previous one, that is, if we are at home and the trough does not throw food, nothing happens, since we can do it ourselves. But if we do not find ourselves at home at that time, the problem can get worse because the dog will not have his daily food ration. This will cause hunger and even stress since you will see the food but will not be able to eat it.

These are the most important advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration when purchasing an automatic dog feeder. It is true that it is much more comfortable, more hygienic and cleaner, but we must also take into account those drawbacks that this type of containers can generate.

Be that as it may, make sure your dog has his daily dose of food, be it feed or natural foods. The fact of not eating makes them nervous and stressed. Also, if they do not eat at home they will look for food while they are out for a walk. Never forget the feeder.

Wopet brings innovative pet feeders to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by taking care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pets daily life. And now many, many more caring cat and dog owners are empowered to maintain a healthy, consistent, stress-free diet for their pets.


Tips to take your pet to the beach

eztalks | 02 April, 2018 04:00

Beach adventure with your pet! Before you travel, check out these tips to care for your pet on the beach: 

  • Locate a Pet Friendly Beach: Always research that the beach you go to accept pets. Also, try to take your vaccination card, many times for safety they come to ask for it.
  • Keep an eye on their tastes: Consider that not all dogs like to swim or sand. If you feel uncomfortable with your puppy, it is best to leave the place.
  • Put sunscreen on: Look for a sunscreen cream especially for pets. Apply on the nose, ears and legs.
  • Avoid heat stroke: Make sure you provide enough water and shade for your puppy. Try to bring an umbrella, drinker and food. 
  • Protect your pads. Many times the contact with sand and salt water, can cause irritations and infections. 
  • Beware of fleas and ticks. Protect your dog with an anti flea and tick necklace. Check it every day to make sure your dog is free of discomfort.


  • No ice water: If your puppy suffers from arthritis or bone disease, swimming in ice water can cause problems. 
  • Avoid taking salt water: Yes, it's a great challenge! But, it is necessary that you keep it out of that temptation. Also, prevent him from eating sand. 
  • Carries a toy . The perfect setting for you and your pet, have a fun-filled day.


  • Identify your pet: Never forget to put identification plate with your personal data. 
  • Respect the beach and people. Remember to carry bags to collect the feces they can make in the sand.
  • Love your pet: After the beach, we recommend that you give your puppy a full bath to avoid any type of infection.


Wopet brings innovative convenient products as automatic pet feeder  to market that enhance the joys of pet ownership by taking care of the pet easier and by positively impacting the pets daily life.


The Different Types Of Dell LCD Monitors

eztalks | 28 December, 2017 22:14

Many people drop laptops accidentally and break the screen. Performing graphics with the Inspiron 17 is easy and fun as the laptop is powered by an Intel GMA 4500M HD chip. Use the Hp 6735s batteries power icon on the system tray or you can purchase batteries which have LED gauges on the outside of the HP battery itself. Just keep in mind that in the case of the 15 in particular, that starting price includes modest specs, including a Core i3 processor, 500GB hard drive, integrated graphics and a relatively lower-res 1080p non-touch screen.
In addition to the versatile new Dell Venue Pro tablets, Dell is introducing new XPS laptops, each with breakthrough displays for a phenomenal viewing experience with vibrant, crisp images in any available screen size. For the edge part Dell Inspiron 15 7537 is design the same with the iPhone 5 chamfer, such a strong sense of cutting coupled with reflective lines allows the machine raised a notch this is indeed a very attractive design.
Most of the flat Monitor Screen Touch Panels possess both the connections. Available in two sizes - the 18-inch LCD touch-screen with a 320-gigabyte hard drive that costs $699, and the 20-inch LCD touch-screen with 500-gigabytes for $999 - all Telikin computers come with built-in speakers, a Web camera, microphone, wired keyboard and mouse. Also don't leave the battery in the laptop if you don't use the battery or if you plug the laptop into outlet power.
Our portability index takes into account battery life, weight, and volume to provide a measure of how easy a notebook is to carry around relative to other compared systems. Laptop Screen Replacement is no exception to this rule and in recent years laptop owners have been turning their hand to what was previously viewed as being a daunting task. The design of Dell Inspiron 1730 Laptop is similar to other models like Dell Inspiron Laptops.
Aside from the lower-powered processor, the only real concession seems to be that machine isn't offered with a touchscreen. Today, the device is performing work equal to 100 of professionals within a short time. Dell's marketing team has taken the liberty of calling the XPS 13's screen an "infinity display." While that's technically incorrect - you can still make out the 5.2mm-thick bezels on either side - this is perhaps the closest thing I've seen to a true edge-to-edge display, with pixels stretching all the way across.

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One Desktop Integrated Webcam

eztalks | 28 December, 2017 22:13

When it comes to laptops and personal computing devices, Dell is by far the most popular brand. Not only was I without a computer for a month, but also the replacement system lacked one of the key features found on my original laptop: Intel's Wireless Display, which allows you to view the contents of your computer on your HDTV. The replacement computer, an Inspiron 15, is listed at a lower suggested retail price ($569) and has different specifications, including a larger screen size and heavier weight.
You can also stop at various positions along the way, if you want to stand the screen up on the keyboard like a kiosk display, or if you want to balance it on its edges so you can use just the touch screen in very little space. In addition to the bottom panel, the Dell Inspiron 17 7737 body had been wrapped in aluminum genus, can play a protective effect on the internal hardware and screen. If you find your battery experiencing the short backup without charging, then your battery demands the repairing or in most of the cases it is better to for replacement battery.
As you can see, the Microsoft Surface 4 Pro badly outperforms the Inspiron, which isn't surprising given the price. In that vein, Dell introduced the Canvas today at CES, a sprawling 27-inch touchscreen device that's meant to take on Wacom's devices for digital artists. When the user feels that laptop screen replace should be done, he can check whether the other components are functioning good by connecting the system to a television or an external monitor.
The Dell Inspiron 13 could possibly be the most latest laptop computer through the Inspiron family people along using the very first 13 incher Inspiron. That directly translates to less impressive game performance, especially in Counter Strike: GO. On balance, the gap revealed by 3DMark Fire Strike is indicative of general game performance, with most scores coming in 15 to 25 percent behind the Asus Zenbook Pro UX501 and Dell XPS 15.
However, there is still a nice bounce feeling when pressing on the keys, and after working for a day on the XPS 13, I was able to type just as fast as I can on 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, which contains my favorite keyboard. We can use the internet now to find a guide on how to open up our laptop LCD screen. Unlike Windows laptops, which often come with pre-installed bloatware” that can slow down a system and annoy the owner, Chromebooks are relatively clean.

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New Approach To Screen Individuals For Early Alzheimer's Disease

eztalks | 28 December, 2017 22:11

The screen of your Acer laptop is the medium for you to look into your operating system, programs, applications, and documents etc. Screen resolutions run the gamut from 1,366 by 768 for budget systems to the more mainstream 1,920-by-1,080 resolution, up to the 3,840-by-2,160 resolution found on high-end multimedia laptops intended for graphics professionals. Gaming laptops also tend to be bulkier, typically to accommodate better hardware and larger screens. Business customers can be rest assured that their devices will fit seamlessly and securely into their corporate IT environment with Dell ProSupport on the Dell Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro tablets.
A video card generates the images that a program needs to display on screen. The all-purpose laptop and desktop replacement has fast CPU, a long battery life, and a pixel density of 232 PPI. As for the phone dialer, we're slightly disappointed that Dell's still using the same dull skin as seen on our prototype - we have no issues with the dialpad layout, but the overall style just looks unfinished, plus we'd prefer to see the call log displaying pictures alongside contact numbers.
When it comes to choosing the right screen size for your HP laptop, you must bear in mind that are many sizes available to choose from. When the Dell notebook won? realize the battery or even the charger right after those ways, then your parts are generally defective. Occasionally, the laptop's inverter is at fault for a screen brightness problem but that's very rare. Microsoft's Windows 8 was supposed to make computing more touch-centric, but general dissatisfaction with its interface meant that Microsoft made the next version of its operating system easier to use with a keyboard and touchpad.
Dell laptops in India have launched a new laptop in the form of the Dell XPS 14 which is a powerful 14 inch laptop. , Dell and Apple had a battery recall because Sony had produced a defective batch of batteries. Most of the laptops face the problem with residual charge. For instance, our Dell Alienware 17 R4 includes one full-sized HDMI connector, and a smaller, compact version of the DisplayPort connector (aka Mini DisplayPort ). The laptop also includes a Thunderbolt 3 port supporting DisplayPort video output, and three USB 3.1 Gen1 ports.
Dell Inspiron 17 7737 touchpad with sink integrated design, so you can achieve a greater range of movement of the cursor. If you think that you may need to replace the digitizer in your touchscreen device, we may be able to help you track down the right kit. Back in our Surface Pro 3 review, we even suggested that power users would be better off with a wireless mouse. Begin the process of removing the laptop screen by disconnecting the laptop from power supply and removing the battery, to remove the battery, unlock it and then slide it out from the laptop.

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Top 8 Web Conferencing Platforms

eztalks | 20 July, 2017 04:36

Top 8 Web Conferencing Platforms

With the internet boom, media is easily accessible in all parts of the world today. Gone are the days of the expensive telephone calls, fax, telex, telegram etc. The world has welcomed user friendly gadgets and software that connect almost every corner of planet making the world a global village. There are many web conferencing platforms available today and one can conveniently choose the best suited from a vast range that provides free conferencing.

A few of some of the all-time favorite web conferencing platforms that are used extensively worldwide and can be used on different operation system namely Linux, Mac, Microsoft, Android and many others are briefly mentioned below:

Skype - The first web conference platform that comes to mind when one say connect. It has been launched a decade ago and is still popular. Skype is an instant messaging application that provides with online texting as well as video chat services. It allows for the transmission of files online that are either text documents or digital attachments like video clips or images. The video conferencing platform makes it one of the best web conferencing platforms ever.


ezTalks Cloud Meeting - This is a one-stop for powerful video conferencing that delivers free cloud video conferencing experience, has amazing features that include audio conferencing, free screen sharing, remote control etc. This power house web conference platform can be applied to all industries especially more beneficial for online teaching and training.


Intercall Unified Meeting (IUM) - Another web conference platform that provides with HD video conferencing even if connection is unreliable, the video will stream continuously and free of distortion. A user friendly interface helps you login effortlessly and manage your conferencing world with a click. Schedule meetings via calendars or notes, voice over internet protocol and sharing of documents and files makes this platform a trusted one amongst the corporate world.


TeamViewer - One of the oldest free web conferencing platforms more for the fingers. This conference platform like the others can be accessed for anywhere in the world. It’s the best method to provide with desktop or IT related support. The unique remote solution of accessing one’s screen by another is designed to get you working in the least possible time. It’s very safe and secured as the one providing with access still controls the conferencing with just a click.


Cisco WebEx - This is one of the best web conferencing platforms that has integrated audio, video and remote screen sharingfrom any device or video system. It is highly secure and provided with global Cisco collaboration cloud. Worth mentioning is that it is a cross platform support collaboration for any operation system and has strict data privacy connections with tight policy control.

cisco webex

Zoom - Yet another web conferencing platform that enables one to have online meetings via video webinar, chat via instant message as well as share different attachments. This unique platform also has plan for telehealth with loads of applications and benefits to fit your healthcare and business workflow in one shot.


VenueGen - One of the most interesting platforms to conference that provides with 3D virtual meeting software that enables its users to interact with each other using avatars. The group of individuals involved in the meetings can host and attend as well as the trainings and conferences with colleagues and other partners can be done so by uploading media into virtual meeting rooms for real time collaboration.

WizIQ - Founded a decade ago, this is the largest cloud based online education platform in the world. Providing applications for different devices, this is widely used by educational organizations world over for extended and supplemental learning.


The main foundation that these web conference platforms work on is the internet. High speed connectivity is highly advantageous for using these applications swiftly. Of the many web conferencing platforms available today, each platform has millions of users; each day a new platform is developed for more efficiency and reliability and productivity thus attracting more people to try it out. Whether free or not, web conferencing platform has empowered people to connect themselves like never before, helps save time, and has increased productivity and bridged relationships globally.



Best 3 Free E-learning Software

eztalks | 20 July, 2017 04:34

Best 3 Free E-learning Software

World is aware about the advantages of the internet and technology, how it has proved to be helpful in making our lives easier and simpler. There are numerous tasks which have been made easier with the internet services, e-learning are one of them. E-learning is dissemination of learning material with the help of internet, in simpler words it helps people learn new things anytime. E-learning is growing at a rapid speed and people are responding to it very well. Professionals are selling and sharing their skills online with the people who lack skills and are giving them a chance to learn. A lot of e-learning software is available online for people to choose and learn from.

Who Can Go for E-learning?

Anyone who has a passion to learn a new skill can opt for e-learning. Many working professionals, who don't have much time on their hand, go for e-learning as it helps people to learn new skills from anywhere. There are various free e-learning software for such professionals which are required for their ongoing jobs. These courses are flexible, easy to learn and a person can logon anytime from anywhere to start a module or to learn the next course that they are interested in.


Best 3 Free E-learning Software

Internet is full of such e-learning software, which are useful for the enthusiastic learners who have the zeal to learn something new and brush up their skills. We will discuss with you today the 3 best free e-learning software, which are easy to use and can be downloaded to your smart phone or computer.

1) ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This online e-learning software is the best amongst all the other available tools, it is smart, interactive and has the best of information available for the users. If someone has the appetite to learn a new skill and advance their knowledge then this software has all the information available for them. ezTalks Cloud Meeting offer a wide range of HD videos, live chat which is either group learning chat or personal chat where one can ask for a doubt that they have while doing a course. They also have an interactive whiteboard feature which means that either the teacher or the learner can draw, write or type a query or explanation on the board to get clarification.



Best free e-learning software for the keen learners, uses best of technology for people to learn from. They have interactive chat sessions where one can talk to the professionals if they come across any type of query in their module and get clarifications right away. One can be a part of these meetings through any device like Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. This software is user-friendly and enables learners to get the best of knowledge.


There is just one big drawback to e-learning that if there is any technical error then the candidate has nothing much to do. A poor internet connection might result in missing one of the meetings which could cause the learner to lack behind on a lot of important modules.


LAMS, the Learning Activity Management System, are free e-learning software, which enables the learning module in an information rich way which makes it easier for the learners. They get access to a wide range of information which is available in a textual and visual format. These are available online for free, it is one of the best e-learning software. The software offers a list of animated tutorial which makes learning fun. It serves as a platform for both academic and corporate learning.



These are free e-learning software, which doesn't require any investment but in return would help you learn something from the course. The modules are interactive and useful for the learners.


As it is online e-learning software sometimes there might be some technical errors which might require highly trained IT professional's assistance this might delay. Due to the lack of technical knowledge one might not know how to operate these software systems.

3) Easygenerator

Easygenerator is the most user-friendly e-learning software, which enables individuals to learn a new skill from their very organized data that this available for the courses. Online learning has come as blessing to the busy that are on a very tight schedule, it helps them learn something new that too without stepping out of the house.



The videos available are beta version thus providing the learners with an opportunity to learn in better way. The tools used to upload and download the learning material is very easy and accessible. There is a lot that one can learn from this free e-learning software.


Just like every other free-learning software this software also might encounter some technical error and as it is online one might have to wait till the time it gets fixed, however in real classrooms one doesn't get such issues, the teacher is available to answer the queries of the learner. If one misses or doesn't understand a topic they will have no one to ask questions to thus leaving them wondering about what the answers to their questions would be.



ezTalks: Virtual Meeting Tools for Work

eztalks | 16 June, 2017 03:47

In the world of technology, you do not need to travel hours to attend meetings and conferences. You can simply attend the meeting from your office or even from the comfort of your home via laptop or your smartphone. Thanks to the virtual meeting tools that made it possible for the employees to be more efficient, dynamic, and punctual.

You can find different types of tools for virtual meetings. video conferencing equipment reviews Many of them offer a cost effective solution with some improved features. The tools for the virtual meetings allow the users to start or join meetings virtually online. Moreover, you will be able to share your files, documents, images, and many other things to increase the productivity of your business.

Do you want to use virtual meeting tools to boost the productivity of your company? Are you looking for a cost effective solution? If yes, then you can consider the following 7 tools for virtual meetings.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is known as one of the best virtual meeting tools widely used by the small and medium sized businesses. It allows you to work smoothly via your desktop or mobile devices irrespective of your current location. It offers crystal clear sound and high-definition videos to arrange flawless meetings.

Some of the key features of ezTalks Cloud Meeting are the whiteboard sharingscreen sharing, private or group chat, meeting scheduling and unlimited numbers of the meetings. It can also help you to record your meeting and then play back later depending on your requirement. It offers both the free and the paid service. With the free service, you will get some basic features. If you want some improved features, then consider a paid service. For the paid service, you need to pay at least $ 12 per month.

virtual meeting tools

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is also a tool for virtual meetings, specifically designed by the Google to enable you to initiate and participate in the meetings through different channels that include voice chats, text, as well as Google video conferencing call.

It is mobile-friendly and can be integrated into the Google + and Gmail. Though it is extensively used by the non-commercial users, still, it is considered as one of the most effective tools for virtual meetings.

Some of the key features of the Google Hangouts are the recording of the meetings, video calls, intelligent muting, screen sharing, instant messaging, group conferencing, compatibility with multiple devices, and integration with other Google application. It is affordable. You just need to pay $5 per month.

virtual meeting tool

3. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk provides you the perfect solution for all types of your conferencing needs. It offers instant technical assistance. It allows you to hand over the control to the attendees of the meeting. It also helps with the real-time polling features. It supports all types of conferencing, including mobile conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing.

Some of the key features of the ReadyTalk are instant technical support, private and group discussion, videos, chat with multiple groups up to 100 participants, stream up to four video feeds, and integration with Outlook, Marketo, Salesforce, Lync, Google Calendar, and some other popular virtual tools. You will have to spend at least $24 per month for this tool.

best virtual meeting tools

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/virtual-meeting-tools.html


ezTalks: A Look at Web Conferencing Comparison

eztalks | 16 June, 2017 03:47

Web video conferencing is mainly used to conduct live business meetings, remote trainings etc. Web conferencing offers text based communication along with audio and video modes of communication. This started all in mid-1990's and is widely used ever since. And its use is increasing every passing day and as is its need. If we compare web conferencing programs, we realize they use different installation and operating programs and software. Some require web browser application, other rely on Adobe Flash, Java or some other similar platform and various needs to be installed on each participant's computer. video conferencing vs web conferencing All of these programs use webcam to display visual images and mic to record and transfer voice along with visual.

On thoroughly doing web conferencing comparison we will realize the basic similarities and difference between these various programs. free web conferencing service Comparison of web conferencing will provide us with the answer to choose the better service provider for our needs and requirements. Now we will provide detailed web conferencing program comparison for some of the most notable software.


InterCall is one of the world's most foremost conferencing software. It grasps the vast clientage of over million users. The video and audio quality provided by InterCall is recognized worldwide for its excellence. This is the largest and surely the best web video conferencing program across the globe. InterCall offers both enterprise level web conferencing and small business conferencing. While performing web conferencing solutions comparison we recognized that enterprise level services provided by InterCall are customized.

InterCall offers web conferencing via Unified Meeting, adobe and various other services. Registration process for InterCall can be completed online. InterCall provides direct conference call service. While performing web conferencing comparison chart, InterCall offers guided scheduling and express scheduling. IntercCall offers comparable features to competitors. Some people may find logging in InterCall messy and confusing and long process. Pricing varies for various packages depending on number of participants. This software aims at serving the needs of all the users to its fullest.


ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is one the most easy to use online video conferencing software. This software enables you to host HD video conferencing up to 100 connections or people per meeting.benefits of web conferencing ezTalks provide integrated HD video conferencing with audio conferencing, screen sharing, remote control and content sharing etc. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is used conveniently by enterprise, educational purposes, to conduct trainings, government sector, law, finance, military sectors.

ezTalks video conferencing software is the pioneer of modern day video conferencing. On performing web conference comparison we realize that ezTalks continuously works for reducing customer costs and simplifying its operations. It supports unlimited meeting rooms with thousands of participants in each.

It ensures communication with other attendees in high definition video communication. It is convenient to use i.e. easy to join and host a meeting. It has taken screen and file sharing to another level. Screen and file sharing is really easy with ezTalks. It has option to record every meeting completely. Because of its ease to use and understand this software is rated as one of the best web conferencing software option.



DaCast Web Conferencing is web based video streaming solution it enables individuals, firms and companies to broad cast audio and video content and allows viewers to join the program. While web video conferencing comparison we find that DaCast Web Conferencing is live and on demand video platform which follows streaming as a service approach.

It offer features through cloud computing that include high definition and paywall combination. In web conferencing comparison chart DaCast ranks relatively high for large scale gathering.



From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/web-conferencing-comparison.html


ezTalks: Virtual Meetings VS Face To Face Meeting: Which One to Choose?

eztalks | 16 June, 2017 03:46

With the advent of technology, many aspects of doing business have been eased. Among these are meetings which are now often carried out virtually. Team mates can meet over a telephone conference, an investor can get to know more about the business over a video conferencing call and so on. There are some enterprises that still hold on to the old face to face meetings because they believe they are effective. Who is right? Face to face meeting vs virtual meeting, which one is better? Here is a dissection of the matter.

What Is Virtual Meeting And Its Benefits?

Virtual meetings are enabled by the technological advances that have been seen in the recent past. People attending the meeting do not need to leave their work station or wherever they are, they can attend meetings. The meeting can be held over the phone, via video call and via other virtual meeting software, like ezTalks Cloud Meeting.

With virtual meetings, distance is not an issue. People can take part in the meeting regardless of where they are. In other word, they are able to hold meetings without having to travel all the way. videoconference tips When working on a project, team mates at the field does not have to travel all the way to the office to make a presentation during a meeting. There are many other scenarios when virtual meetings will come in handy.

Many people can participate in a virtual meeting since they will only have to set aside some time for the meeting. Also the carbon footprint is reduced since people do not have to travel (in cars and aeroplanes) that emit fumes to the location of the meeting.

Virtual meetings are very cheap. All that are needed are Internet connection and professional virtual meeting software, which allows to everyone attend the meeting. There is no need to spend money on hiring a venue, the facilities and equipment to be used and organizing transportation for everyone attending.

virtual meetings vs face to face meetings

What Is Face To Face Meeting And Its Benefits?

Face to face meetings are those that are held by people in the same room and in person. People come in the room specifically for the meeting and come prepared. free screen sharing program It can be a meeting at a restaurant, a board room or just an office. What are the benefits of this kind of meeting?

When meeting face to face, people are freer with each other than they would be online. best video conferencing solutions People are able to express themselves by using body language, gestures and words all of which work together to convey a message. Communication is better in face to face meetings because misunderstandings are less likely.

When you go in for a physical meeting, it is the primary reason why you are at the particular place at any given time. You will be with others attending the meeting as well and none will tolerate the other wasting their time. videoconference tips Everyone will be disciplined and will not be easily distracted by things like phones and computers. The serious environment will emphasize the need to concentrate fully on the meeting and keep off any distractions.

During face to face meetings people get instant feedback. business collaboration software This is very important, especially in the development of something that requires teamwork. It is the best kind of meeting for brainstorming. Face to Face meetings create stronger bonds than virtual ones. People get to know each other and understand each other more. This is as important as team building is to any business.

From: https://www.eztalks.com/video-meeting/virtual-meetings-vs-face-to-face-meeting.html


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