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How to Tell if a Power Supply Provides Inadequate Power to your PC

eztalks | 09 September, 2019 04:18

Your Computer Power Supply unit is that brick-shaped object that is inside your computer. It supplies power to all the components of the computer. It is actually where you usually plug in and then turn on your computer. Besides, it is also where your computer’s main fan is found.

There are subtle signs that your computer will give you if your power supply is failing and is providing inadequate power. Whenever you see or experience any problem, you should diagnose to find out whether the power supply unit is inadequate.


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When your power supply provides inadequate power to your PC, it means that the wattage rating is not enough to power all the computer components or a good video card. There are simple ways of knowing that the power supply doesn’t provide enough power to the computer.

Computer keeps on rebooting

If your computer has a tendency to reboot without any warning, it could mean that you have a bad power supply and your computer is not getting enough power from it. If your computer is working correctly, it should stay on or shut down or hibernate depending your own specific settings. A computer should reboot if Windows installs any software update but it should not reboot without any reason or warning. If that happens, then it is most likely not receiving adequate power.

The wattage rating

Every desktop Power Supply and laptop power supply such as HP Power Supply has a wattage power rating. If the wattage power rating of the power supply is lower than the wattage requirements of your computer, this is a clear sign that the power supply cannot provide adequate power to your computer. So, if you have a Lenovo computer that uses a Lenovo Power Supply with wattage rating that is less than the wattage requirements of your computer, you should buy the right Lenovo Power Supply right away. You can browse 365PowerSupply.com for quality power supplies.

You are not able to run graphics-intensive games

If you have an adequate video card but you still cannot run graphics-intensive games and applications, it could be an indication that your power supply provides inadequate power to your computer.

If you have Dell or Lenovo computer and you experience any of these signs, you should know that it’s time to upgrade with new Dell Power Supply or Lenovo Power Supply. The same applies to desktop computers. Be sure to upgrade with the Desktop Power Supply with enough wattage rating depending on wattage requirements of your PC.



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